Sohar Galvanizing & Steel Industries LLC (SGSI) offers broad range of galvanizing covering a wide range of applications.  With its excellent corrosion resistant properties combined with very strong adhesion to the base metal, galvanizing is recommended as a surface protection coating system in wide range of applications from construction industry, lifestyle buildings, bridges, street furnitures (lighting poles, sign posts, guardrails), shipyards, oil and gas, power generation and distribution etc.

Some key features of our facility includes :

• Annual capacity of 60,000 tons
• Single piece of 18 metres and 5 tons can be galvanized
• Fully automatic temperature controlled zinc bath
• Fully enclosed kettle and white fume extraction system in place
• State of the art materials handling system in the Plant
• 100% tracking of all the material right from receiving to final inspection and dispatch
• Documented Quality Management System
• Customized project specific inspection and Test plans.